Friday night Tom went to bed very early—sick, its been a week without any real let up

Saturday, he had a small job to do (thank God) so I cleaned up around here and wrapped presents, ran out to deliver one, before the snow started—flurries totalled about 2 inches. 

Sunday—our baby girl’s baby shower.  What a wonderful time, so many of her friends and her mother in law contributed to make this wonderful day happen.  I did the invites and collected the RSVP’s and it was so much fun.  See for yourself —I took pictures.



The cute little babie shoes my sister Christine sewed!

On the way home, we had a flat tire—thank God it was on 287 not 87 and tom was able to pull into a parking lot and had plenty of room to change it.  The other three tires are as bad as the first, so the car is grounded until we can afford 4 new tires.  Just glad it was after the shower and closer to home.

Knit ON!


I know I haven’t been on in a very long time, I do read blogs daily, I just don’t comment like I used too—I lurk.

Life has been unkind, harsh and very difficult. I will not bore any one with the details but suffice it to say, we are eating ramen noodles, we have two light bulbs that work and one roll of toilet paper left, BUT we do have free heat, free water, lots of tea bags and each other. 

I also have stash and books—–as long as we have lights there will be knitting, crocheting and reading. 



Really looking forward to grandgirl being born in March, and the end of this harsh winter. Tom is working today for one of the first times since before Christmas—one day at a time and Have FAITH—my word for the year.