Birthday present from Tom

I worried that Tommo would forget my birthday—of course more then anything I want him to pick out a gift without asking me, wrap it up, include a card and give it to me—-I found out last night he purchased me a recliner, well he put a deposit on one and if I liked it he would go through with it.  I do like it very much, but a Whitman Sampler would have been fine!!! 43 years and he still doesn’t always get me but he does love me 


OKay now for knitting and crocheting in the last few weeks. 



All of the above is for charity—hopefully it will keep heads warm and the shoulders of someone hugged!!!



Fair warning

I am having a birthday Monday—I have been accused many many times of being a birthday slut—this year I have this awful feeling that most of my nearest and dearest are blowing it off since next year is the big one—I am trying to gear up for this so I won’t be too let down on Monday, I know my sister already remembered, thanks Christine and so did Jennifer–can’t wait to use my Jimmy Beans, I just hope Master Blocker remembers. He seems so clue less lately!!!






Home Again

Wow we are home!!! Sadly so—-we had such a wonderful time visiting Debb Yaskovic and Chad Nave and Columbia Nave in Alabama, the last thing we wanted to do was leave. We had beautiful travel weather, put over 2000 miles on the car, went through 255$ in gas,(less then we thought) But got some in Virginia for 2.98 a gallon—yes that is right under three dollars, we ate at 6 different Cracker Barrel Old Country Store‘s 8 times, had barbacue at Lawlers in Alabama, had dinner at Logan’s in Alabama, at Shoney’s in Virginia and hit various other places too—Oh yeahThomas Yaskovic and I had our first ever corn dogs. We saw where Debb works, where Columbia goes to school and spent many wonderful hours at Chad’s home, Alabama put on her best show, she rained Friday night into saturday morning but cleared up into 60 + degree non-humid weather with many cool breezes. We met Chad’s folks and some of Debb’s neighbors enjoyed the slower more relaxed pace–we hit 287 outside of Morristown and the tension started creeping in quickly,   KNIT ON!!!Image

Remember how badly I wanted to do  IMAGINE WHEN–I started it over the weekend and it almost got thrown out.  I could not keep track of the rows—the knitting itself is super easy, all of the basics—but I made a chart and now I click of each row as I finish it and it is coming a long nicely,  I am using a fuzzieish alpaca and nylon yarn that is super soft. There are 6 sections of varying sizes, and I will start section 3 today.

There is also a KAL called Thunderstruck that started yesterday, all I know for sure is that it is a triangle shawl, and I have my yarn selected, now to start it. 


There are three Finished Objects too but they will be a post another day