Nothing finished

I have been knitting all week—mostly monsters but have nothing finished to share except another crocheted shawl. 



Hopefully by next Friday I will have much more to share. 





Why does an elephant have a trunk?



Because she would look silly with a glove compartment!!!

Elephants—4 of them Engracia, Echo Eileen and Eavan  all with some pink and all with some details on them



THese will make fun little gifts!!



Crochet–hooky shawl goodness

still feeling very very yucky—this is about all my mush brain can handle.  The beige acrylic is one of the oldest yarns from my stash and the green acrylic was from Annemarie Knight.  I do like the way this one came out Image

It and all of my creations are for sale!



Friday Finished Objects

yet another day of feeling under the weather but thought I would share the pink death finished just not blocked!!!Image

Blocked out she should be beautiful


I also stuffed Coco so he is not flat any more, Image


and today I am knitting elephants—–not feeling well I can’t seem to concentrate on any kind of pattern and I am rethinking the Sunny side anyway—I have seen a lot done or progressing on Ravelry and i am not happy with the business of them especially in the striping  yarns they are supposedly designed for, so it may be the frog pond and find another use for the Kauni. I am only on the 4th block of 6 which is the the entire first clue  with 3 big clues to go, so I am happy to come to this decision now rather then later.  Of course in my designer mind I am playing with ways to make it into something I might like too  but …………………………………….


BLack Death

Yes that is the name of the shawl I am making right now and yes I think it is cursed.  I am using a beautiful Ella rae Merino superwash in a bright pink and size 9 needles but every pattern row I have made an error on   every one—and it is easy peasy, a simple staggered eyelet.  What is wrong with me?

I transitionedImage yesterday from the body to the edging and goofed up the first row of edging—267 stitches and I noticed my mistake at stitch 265,  I fixed it all on the next row with ripping of individual stitches and making it an additional all garter row instead of a pattern row.  To me SKP means slip knit pass slip over —in this pattern it meant slip knit two together and pass the slip over.  I use the symbol Sk2tp for that one.  I have to learn to read the stitch glossary instead of assuming.

I want to start my sunny side up shawl but refuse to until I finish the Black (albeit in this case Pink) Death.