More about babies!

As you know by now  Tom and I consider adoption very special, we have four of the most wonderful granchildren because my son and his wife opened their hearts to children in need of homes.  We love each and everyone of them with all our heart and would love to see others benefit too.



meet my friend Michelle and hubby—-they want a baby and are looking for financial support.  While I am not in a position to do financially I can help share the word.  Read their story here:




Ten on Tuesday memes

Todays theme is about the latest books you have read—my choices can no where stand up to the literary choices most of the subscribers have listed as having read.  I love to read and I read for pure enjoyment and escape-ism, if that includes romance novels and dime store mysteries or cozies as they have been called that is my choice.  So don’t expect a broaden your horizons kind of list from me!!! (more power to those who enjoy that kind of reading but once high school was done  I seemed to rebel against any book that some one said–you have to read this)

MY list includes 

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s  Cape Light: Songs of Christmas

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s  The Inn at Angel Island

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s The Wedding Promise

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s A Wandering Heart 

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s The Way Home 

Nancy Thayer’s  Nantucket Christmas

Betty Hechtman’s Crochet Mystery Series—all 8 books

and her Yarn Retreat Series



and soon I hope to add some others to my list!!! 



Well,it was a nice run while it lasted, Tom worked 9 out 12 of the last 12 work days——-now once again there is nothing for the future as far as the eye can see.  His boss says they have sold a lot of carpet but no one is ready to have it installed.  That doesn’t help me pay the bills, I am most especially worried about the rent. 


And i haven’t even begun to do the taxes and we always have to pay—there is no savings to dip from this year, we are just so screwed.Image


We know Maisie is a blessing and we are grateful for her arrival and good health, we just need God to make things a little easier for her grandparents because all of this upheaval is truly killing me



She is Here

Tom and I were blessed today with the arrival of our granddaughter Maisie Ann Coleman Her proud parents are our daughter Jeanne Coleman and her husband John. Maisie was born at 4:12 this afternoon, just moments before Pops and Gigi arrived at the hospital, we got to the maternity floor just as baby Maisie and dad arrived at the Newborn Lounge. 7 lbs 1 oz, 19 .5 inches long, with all the right amount of fingers and toes and brown hair (both parents were blondes) Tom and I were instantly transported back 32 years ago as Maisie is the spitting image of her mama. We are so happy for them and so happy to be included in their day!!!




KNIT ON!!!!!!

Another loss

life just continues to sock it to me

a long time knitting friend, whom I never had the pleasure of actually meeting but with whom I developed quite the close relationship died early this morning from a very aggressive form of cancer.  While I rejoice that she is no longer in pain I will miss her very much


RIP Vamanta




Some items I made for Joan through the years

Knit on!

I’m Back

by the grace of god and the charity of friends, both real and pretend, the cable is reconnected and Tom’s van is fixed (as far as the heater is concerned). I am so grateful to those who can help and willingly do so. We have benefited from much needed cash, groceries and gift cards. Tom has work this week but this is a long process since we are so far behind in everything. Our credit rating is tanked, we want to move to somewhere less expensive but can’t pass the credit checks at the moment, and cheaper rent means having to pay utilities, here we only pay gas for cooking and electric. It is all so muddled and mixed up it makes our heads hurt and I still need to do our taxes, even though he made considerably less money this past year we have to count gifts as income and we will still have to pay tax April 15th.  

Not that any of you need to read all of this but it explains my next statement.  I am depressed. And yes I am off my meds—-Tom needs his more and we could barely afford that this month at 135$ a month for one and 68$ for the asthma inhaler , his involve his physical health, mine are just for my mental health.  But when I am off the meds I don’t cope as well with the little things that crop up. 

Thank God for knitting is all I can say—-at this point (and waiting for the grandbaby to arrive) it is my salvation. Image