Happy Halloween



The grandson—Jake, all decked out, hope Robert posts pictures of the girls later on!!




10 on Tues

seems like word press does not like me, it will not allow me to post pictures, it says they are here but there is nothing here. oh well I will keep trying but this has been happening for days


Ten Foods I did not or would not eat growing up but eat now with no problems! 


1. Quinoa—who knew?  Love the stuff

2. Grits—again a real surprise, we love them more then Polenta

3. Polenta–something we started eating a couple of years ago and still enjoy with Tom’s bolognese

4. Pea Soup—was my mother’s favorite but I never ate it, now I totally love it

5. Tomato Soup—again turned my nose up as a kid but its great, especially Tomato Rice, and always with grilled cheese

6. Salmon—only ate flounder or tuna as a kid but find I enjoy a lot of different fish now

7. Sushi—started eating this in the last 10 years and enjoy it as often as we can afford too

8. Chinese—growing up we only ever had LaChoy brand at home Chow Mein, But I adore Chinese Food 

9. Avocado— I remember once returning nacho’s because they were covered in this green slime, now we eat Avocado at least once a week 

10. Asparagus, Brussell Sprouts, Cabbage, Cole Slaw, —never ate any of these but now definitely enjoy them




our Sunday afternoon, Quizno’s for something Floasted, Walmart (but I forgot the credit card and not enough cash left —oops) the park to eat and play and Starbucks with a gift card!!!!






Knitting: Dancing Reindeer Shawl in Kauni and Palette and crocheting charity items

Reading: The Inn at Rose Harbor–Debbie Macomber

Lighting: Two lamps in the living room, its a grey rainy day with leaves swirling–loving it

Cooking: boiling water for a mug of tea 

Cutting: the last of the basil for this year (PS–tom doesn’t know this but I don’t like basil) 

Visiting: the doctor for the second time in a week

Disliking: that once again work is at a stand still and Tom will be home a few days.

Enjoying: The beautiful colors of autumn. Everything is changing so much earlier and leaves are falling faster then they have in a long time

Watching: Y & R  and B&B, and some pretty disastrous football yesterday 

Waiting: for several packages to arrive in the mail 

Planning: An autumn sunday supper for some relatives, if they come the last sunday of the month.  And what to start knitting next!!! 

Loving: My dear sweet husband, our wonderful children and the best grandchildren in the world.