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a couple of months ago I saw Fiesta Yarns was having a sidewalk sale, so I casually mentioned to my cousin Lori Mulholland Barr that they were having a sale, and she said they weren’t far from her and she would go look for me. She sent me a lovely box of yarn, some of them single skeins of fiesta Swoon. I made these three shawls, my own patterns using other yarns for the body and the pretty variegatedImage yarns for the edgings. From left to right they are called Kathy (brown and tan) Sharon (gold and multi pastels) and Reggie (pink and brown multi) These are Lori’s sisters names, all of whom we lost for Cystic Fibrosis. PS Lori the hat is in the mail! Thank you for your wonderful gift, Boscoe the stuffy is also made from Fiesta Socorro and the new leaf shawl is made from the Fiesta baby boon you sent, that shawl when blocked will be named Lori!



Knit On!


shawls for sale

Tom and I want to go to Alabama next month and visit our daughter whom we have not seen in over a year, we Know there is not going to be any work at that particular time, now we just need gas money to get there, so I am having a shawl sale— 40$ each or 3 for 100$ plus shipping.  Start your holiday gift buying early!!!!


You should be able to link to this to see the shawls!!!! 


Thanks for thinking about it



Mizzle Maybe?

A couple of months back Kathyb was knitting a mizzle half circle shawl.  Master Blocker is still on his rant of not liking to block anything but triangle shawls so I was confident that I could restructure it and proceeded with size 6 circs and Elann Baby Cashmere held double stranded.  I loved it, but it lanquished in the to be blocked pile. 

Suddenly Sunday Tommo decided to block a shawl and that was the one he chose, well while pinning it out we became very aware that the bind off was way to tight, unblocked it was not apparant, but here we have a hunk of wet wool and he can’t get it to block.  I told him to leave it I would fix it when it dried.  He shook his head in total disbelief and said I should just chuck it and start again. 

Yesterday, after all my chores were done and I knew I could relax, I picked it up off the floor where it had been blocking. I found the final woven in thread and gently began the process of frogging the bind off edge, using a size 4 needle to scoop up the teeny tiny stitches as they came apart.  Some slipped a little but i grabbed them anyway and got them all on the needle

Then I knit a row fixing each stitch as I came to it, reversing the angle or running it up a few rows, but I got it done, then I knitted two more rows.  When that was done, I started a knitted on triangle (sawtooth) edging that I like to use from Cheryl Oberle’s book Folk Shawls.  I am about half way through and should finish it this afternoon, when evening came I put it down and picked up a worsted weight project, easier on my tiring eyes. 

It is nice knitting on a partially blocked shawl, it feels so drapey and the stitches are so well defined. 

The picture is a before shot, hopefully very soon there will be a finished shot!!!








This is Boscoe—he is a compilation of several RD’s monsters, while making him yesterday we learned that the friend who was best man at our wedding almost 40 years ago died.  He suffered from Juvenile diabetes nearly his whole entire life, he was 58, we spoke with him a few weeks ago when Tom’s cousin’s husband died.  I was looking at postings on Facebook and some some 70’s photos of Glen and had to put a mustache on Boscoe.  RIP our dear friend

In the past year, my sister who was a bridesmaid died, tom’s cousin who was a brides maid, her husband and step son died, Glen died and Tom’s other cousin lost his wife. Getting older can truly bite!!!

KNIT ON! Image