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As of today July 22nd my blog is now at this address

Hope you find me


Some Days

Some days are just harder then others, and yesterday was that kind of day, nothing seemed to go right, nothing serious but nothing right either.

I made a long post —and word press deleted it before printing it, I could not bring myself to do it again.

I have two customer service issues that were not resolved to my satisfaction and I hate the indifference I get from the companies involved. I will not be dealing with them in the future, it won’t matter to them but it matters to me.

I miss my kids—I wish they weren’t so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget their father and I exist. I messed up some how and didn’t teach them about reaching out–of course there is an exception to the rule and they know who they are.

Sometimes Tom and I are just off—and yesterday we could not agree on anything. Then I feel totally alone

Enough of me—how was your day?


this that and the other thing


Its been a very crazy two weeks here—Thomas was in the hospital again, for his prostate problems. He had a rougher recovery this time too and still isn’t 100% well.  He doesn’t want me telling the kids as he feels 2 out of 3 of them are too busy with their own families  and the other one  does is too far away to help  So needless to say he missed work which added to both of our stress loads 
this week he is ready to work and there isn’t as much as he would like
Maisie has changed so much in the 6 weeks we didn’t see her, we went to brunch there on the 29th, Her eyes are no longer blue but brown, She should get out of the cast later this week. Then she will be in an adduction brace for another 7 weeks or so but it won’t limit her nearly as much. Spending time with her is priceless
Our Alabama daughter, Debb’s surgery is the 14th, she has pre op tests this week—I am a total wreck over this because I can’t be there, but thankfully she has Chad.  Sunday was Chad’s birthday—last week they drove Columbia to her friend in Florida’s and then this past weekend went back to get her. Its a long enough drive from AL to FL that they had to spend the night each time.
I have been my usual wreck—-panic attacks, leg cramps, and lots of totally sleepless nights.  The night he wound up in the hospital (the same day we saw Maisie) we never got any sleep.
Saw My brother steven, his wife emily, my niece  amelia,my sister  joanne and brother in law bob Sunday at Steven’s  They have two russian exchange students living with them this month  next month they will have two more from China  Emily has applied to teach in China next summer so that she can take Amelia there and show her where she comes from—they are also seriously thinking about selling the house.
lots and lots of knitting has been happening, all shawls in pretty yarns and gorgeous beads, Word Presss seems to have changed the way you add pictures so I don’t know if I will ever figure it out.
Today the oppressive heat is getting to me, I want tea but it is just TOO hot and we have no ice. What a quandary!!!
Hoping things are well in your world.