Still Nothing

to share with you—I have lost my knitting mojo—its gone—I think it is because Master Blocker has let me down  


I am crocheting for charity though, which is always a good thing, it benefits others and keeps me busy and uses up stash!!! 


KNIT ON!!! Image


Meet Carl

Ria knits and crochets.  She is a very active member of a Ravelry forum called Nerd Wars—where they issue all kinds of crafty challenges and she really enjoys that.  One of challenges (and the creative way she spins them to make it work for her) resulted in this dragon which she gave to Tommo and I, since we are truly dragon people.  He is just adorable, and Tom named him Carl —Ria gets it even if the rest of the world will wonder why!!!






some of these you have seen but at least one is new—this is my collection of Rebecca Danger Monsters called the ROY G TIP collection (as opposed to the ROY G BIV)


Red Orange Yellow Green Teal Indigo and Purple




The little viking and the monster on the float are from swaps I was in, and the giraffe my sister makes is underneath in a basket when it isn’t sitting on my desk (just depends on the amount of clutter on my desk at any given time!) 




PS tomorrow—a gift from RIA! 

Meme taken from Kathy B


I am thinking: I  will get  a lot of knitting done today–since the morning chores are done almost 2 hours earlier then normal 
Outside my window – they are mowing the grass after a month of nothing…..
In the kitchen- it is very hot, the heat gets trapped in there 
I am Wearing-  PJama shorts and a tank top–definitely staying in clothes
I am creating – lots of melodrama in my head
I am going- no where–chores are done, I am in before it reaches 100
I am wondering-how Thomas is handling the heat. 
I am reading-a series of Crochet Mysteries by Betty Eichmann
I am hoping-that the swap package I sent to Singapore in May finally gets there 
I am looking forward to-the storm front over the weekend, even though my arthritis will hate it hopefully it will end the humidness 
I am hearing- the air conditioner 
Around the house-I see it seriously needs dusting and then there is that darn pesky pile of shawls that need blocking
Quote for the day:  There but for the grace of God go I—John Bradford


I am so sorry it has been so long between posts—I just cannot get Thomas to block any of my work so I can share it with you  I have 8 shawls finished in the last 3 weeks and he just is digging in his heels—of course he is working again so maybe that is why  🙂    


I did crochet another shawl I can share with you that is made out of Schaefer Elaine in 4 colors. Schaefer has ceased making their pretty yarns–deeply color saturated in all kinds of weights and styles.  Elaine is not my favorite but it was a gift and we all love gifts.  The 4 skeins yielded 2 shawls, a knitted feather and fan and a crocheted 1/2 granny.



The picture is dark but so were the colors, it is very large and very elegant. One of the nicest grannies I have ever made. 


I am not sure if I shared some of these photos with you either but here goes 



The last little monster I shared with my niece Amelia!  When I told her the C on her belly was for her name Coco, she rolled her eyes and said “whatever. that’s okay”  which prompted me to tell her she could name it whatever she wants.  Amelia will be 10 in December, and her Uncle Tom thinks she is too big for all of the stuffies I make her, but she assured me she is not. 


Hopefully I will have some blocked items soon!!!! Stay cool and KNIT ON!!


Pink and Black and white

this is my version of two shawls out there—Derecho which I did make, and Silent Goals which I have not

It is a garter stitch shawl, with a wonderful Slip1yf edging that makes picking up stitches a breeze. 

I made it in Cascade 220 and an identical one in Red Heart—-which was promptly scooped up before I could photograph them together. 

Tom really likes this shawl—he likes the symmetry and the texture and the color combo—planning a black sage green and cream combo in the future. 




I call her SIlent Stripe 


will try to get back to blogging next week—it was a rough one here, a death in the family which meant dealing with the in-laws, that sets me back a few days  and then the extra days off hurt too


but  a large amount of knitting has been done, I am averaging about 300 yards a day


see you next week