Some Days

Some days are just harder then others, and yesterday was that kind of day, nothing seemed to go right, nothing serious but nothing right either.

I made a long post —and word press deleted it before printing it, I could not bring myself to do it again.

I have two customer service issues that were not resolved to my satisfaction and I hate the indifference I get from the companies involved. I will not be dealing with them in the future, it won’t matter to them but it matters to me.

I miss my kids—I wish they weren’t so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget their father and I exist. I messed up some how and didn’t teach them about reaching out–of course there is an exception to the rule and they know who they are.

Sometimes Tom and I are just off—and yesterday we could not agree on anything. Then I feel totally alone

Enough of me—how was your day?



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