Sorry for the Missing In Action!!!

I”d love to tell you its because I have been so busy but I have just been so under the weather that blogging took a big back seat, I was able to be online but trying to compose thoughts was not a strong point.  The usual aches pains cramps, anxiety, panic attacks, intestinal distress and general malaise all took a toll on me, and many many sleepless nights. 

I feel like the world passed me by during all of this—there were birthdays and father’s day and operations and I was never asked to even be a part of them but it didn’t make me not long to be involved.  Learning about things on Facebook instead of direct conversation has truly become the only way 90 percent of the people I know communicate with me. The old adage No news is good news isn’t true anymore—its just on facebook. 


Of course I have been knitting —lots of lace and beads, that is fun and when Master Blocker resumes his roll I will share them with you–Image

We are looking into moving again—we have seen some apartments we like, a good hour south of where we are but that puts us a good additional hour away from family. But Tom needs something in his life to be easier and since work is still so iffy–it looks like it needs to be less of a commute.  He dreads the thought of another winter like this past one (although truly he was home through the bad stuff) 

Hope you are hanging in there even though my posting is so scattered.   KNIT ON!!! 


3 thoughts on “Sorry for the Missing In Action!!!

  1. Yes I hope it does work out for you guys this time! An hour is a lot to commute for work. The other half is typically 40 minutes +, so I know what that’s about. Last year was particularly nasty as we’re about a half hour off the Lake Michigan shore. It will be easier though to commute to see family on occasion than him to spend all those hours (and gas!) daily.

    And why not….a change of scenery would be nice too. Maybe you get find someplace where Tom can at least put in a tomato plant! (of course, if he has the urge to garden…..I have one to weed. lol)

  2. Oh, honey–I understand. Doesn’t anyone used the phone anymore to tell you about things before they post it?Only my 9 year-old grandson seems to want to talk on the pone anymore–and I guess that is because he hasn’t got a FB page! Thank God for him! He gives me hope–and laughter!<3

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