Yesterday woed press would not let me post anything, the meme for tuesday was about what performers, bands, concerts you have been too and I was going to list my whole six!

Gilbert O’sullivan of Clare famie in ’72

The Carpenters—we have only just begun—my recessional at my wedding in ’73

Lucille Mandrill—at a Longaberger convention

Paul Anka—also at a Longaberger convention

Trans Siberian Orchestra (I actually fell asleep during it)

and my all time favorite Kansas—-Carry ON My wayward Son, a song I played over and over when I was 9 months pregnant with my first until I knew every word by heart–and 37 years later I still do.

Today is WIP Wednesday—-and this is my summer of KAL’s (Knit Alongs for those who haven’t any idea)  I started the first one on Monday—Through The Loops Mystery Knit Along—I am using some well marinated stash, that was gifted to me when another knitter de stashed, as Tom and I sat for two hours last week untangling it and winding it we kinda know why it was discarded, just looking at it we knew it would be a night mare but its cashmere===I may not be one of the COOL KIDS using a gradient, I have finished the first clue and love it and Learned a new stitch

The Next one starts June 21 and is a Boo Knits Ocean Breeze MKAL, I will be using Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Nova Scotia gifted to me by Darcy Watts several years ago, and Hand Maiden Maidenhair in Tourmaline and 800 sea blue triangle beads. 


I am also doing a KAL with Ria—we are doing the Dream Bird Shawl, she is part of group on Ravelry that takes their knitting very seriously, this will be her dissertation due at the end of August. she wanted moral support and provided the yarn—Knit Picks Chroma in Grey and Paperback, in fingering weight, we are waiting to get together to start it. 


In between clues I am also knitting Cascade Shawl #3 by Brian Smith,Vixen by Tori Gurbisz and Seasons of Life by Kay Meadors, I also signed up for the Game of Thrones KAL but am waiting until all the clues are in to start it, and two more Boo Knits—summer for me will be all about lace and beads. 









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