this post is on irony not whining as I have become know to do


Our air conditioner in our apartment living room has been on the fritz since late autumn.  We have been subject to a few 80 degree days already this year and it just doesn’t push out cold air.  On Friday Tom stopped at maintenance and told them the problem–since more 80 degree days were predicted for the weekend. Of course he got there too late and they scheduled us for Tuesday.  The air conditioner man has been here twice this morning and it worked beautifully each time he was here, In between nothing but hot air comes out. He said he will recommend we get a new one to the boss man because of our asthma related health issues but it will be a couple of weeks before he can get one. 


We are not allowed to put in our own window AC’s. we can put in a room one which we have in the bedroom, but at 700$ a pop I can’t afford another one of them right now. =====so my inside attire will be tank tops and cut off shorts and hope no one drops by unannounced because no one needs to see that picture!!! 






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