this weeks memes

are about things you would like to learn.  I wish I could be worldly and say things like economics, politics, and science but once I didn’t have to learn any of them any more I no longer had any interest. Parenting for the most part is done, now my job requires listening, even advice isn’t always needed just an ear to vent too and a shoulder to cry on.  Cooking—Tom has taken over, every now ant then he tests my knowledge by asking a question he isn’t sure of, but at this point the student has surpassed the master.Image 

I would like to learn more about retirement (better late then never).  Tom is 62 now, should we be collecting partial and then him finding work where he can to supplement it, or are we better off waiting until he is 67 and trying to put as much more as possible into the SSI kitty. 



(well Tom does anyway)

Even with knitting—I know what I want to know, I don’t have any real desire to learn new things (like arm knitting, or steeking) its not something I would do because I tend to knit what I am comfortable with. 




IF I do come up with anything I really want to learn, I will let you know!



2 thoughts on “this weeks memes

  1. Oh, my dear—I wish I had answers! It seems we’ve done nothing right, but by God’s grace, we still can eat and have a roof over our heads. I admit I worry when I should trust, but I trust He loves us still! ❤

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