I can’t give dollars to charity–heck I can’t give dollars to my bills but I can make things for charity—at one of my more recent shawl drop offs they asked if I knew anyone who made toys—-well today I donated about 20 more or less hand knit stuffies to the hospital, I hope they bring joy to someone or lots of someones. 





3 thoughts on “Charity

  1. Oh Grace–how on earth do you keep on with these sweet, cute things for charity, when you’ve got so much on your mind! I know why–cause that’s just Grace. You’ve always thought of others, no matter what circumstances you’re in, and when things get so stressed out, it’s hard to do that. You rise above it, and think about others less fortunate—and that is such a wonderful way to be! That last one-the cranberry colored one, or whatever–what kind of yarn was that? It’s really beautiful! Love you Grace, Trudy

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