Ten on Tuesday memes

Todays theme is about the latest books you have read—my choices can no where stand up to the literary choices most of the subscribers have listed as having read.  I love to read and I read for pure enjoyment and escape-ism, if that includes romance novels and dime store mysteries or cozies as they have been called that is my choice.  So don’t expect a broaden your horizons kind of list from me!!! (more power to those who enjoy that kind of reading but once high school was done  I seemed to rebel against any book that some one said–you have to read this)

MY list includes 

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s  Cape Light: Songs of Christmas

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s  The Inn at Angel Island

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s The Wedding Promise

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s A Wandering Heart 

Thomas Kinkade/Katherine Spencer’s The Way Home 

Nancy Thayer’s  Nantucket Christmas

Betty Hechtman’s Crochet Mystery Series—all 8 books

and her Yarn Retreat Series



and soon I hope to add some others to my list!!! 




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