MOm is off line

cable and internet were turned off so mom will be incommunicado for a while—-keep praying for them both please


As Mom says  KNIT ON!!!


One thought on “MOm is off line

  1. So sorry to hear that, and please let her know that I am praying that God has a plan for Tom and Grace, that HE will heal them and He will stay close to them. He is always just a prayer away, and we don’t always understand why we are put to these tests! We are all in a mess it seems, and I am so sorry I can’t help but just to pray, because Grace has been So good to me for so many years. Grace, your friendship is one I treasure, and you have been so compassionate when Mama was dying! I’ll always remember your giving so many things that you needed to cheer both of us up! Hang in there my friend, I am praying that help is coming! I wish I could help you so much monetarily! I feel so bad that I can’t! Love you!

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