Valentines Day 1971

43 years ago TODAY at the age of 16 I traveled by bus from Lincoln Park to Port Authority all alone to meet up with my boyfriend Thomas Yaskovicwhom I had not seen since the previous July. I remember him walking into the building and how much he had changed, no longer the skinny boy with Sun In bleaching his hair, he was all muscle, dark hair, dark mustache and wearing a buffalo plaid red and black woolrich jacket. I was never so happy to see someone in my life. We toured New York City together, visiting a spring flower show in Bryant Park, Steuben Glass, a coffee shop near there for breakfast, we went to Macy’s where he bought me an engraved heart necklace, and then to the WeinerWald Restaurant for German food (we met in Germany) Cheesecake and Beer (and yes they let me drink without proofing me at all,). We walked for miles and when I went to get on the bus to go home he bought flowers from a vendor and gave them to me. That will always be my favorite Valentines day and I am still sharing them with him all these years later. It is memories like this that keep us going, especially through these rough times. I have also always MADE his valentine gift and this year it is this Called Ewe SweetImage



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