tom worked most of the weekend, as he has many weekends in the past few weeks—-he told me yesterday he got really scared earlier this year when only by the grace of God and generous friends we did not wind up homeless, yes it truly was that close. so now he feels he can not turn down work —any work, even if he complains he knows how badly he needs to say yes. 

I finished a couple of more christmas gifts and another hat for charity. I want so badly to go to a yarn store but I just can’t walk for that long, or stand—believe it or not 50$ for a bath chair made my life so much easier this weekend, I just don’t know how I got to be this person and it saddens me.  I accept it, just not happy about it.

We learned of the death of a bigger then life gentleman who resided here in town, he was young only 49==he knew everyone by name, he would give you any help you needed, he recently served 6 months in Afghanistan in the Air Force reserves.  Tom and I would seem him every Sunday having breakfast with his mom, we mentioned his absence yesterday not knowing he was dining with God.  Jim –your shining smile will be missed

I guess we had severe storms through the nights, there are mountains of leaves and branches in the streets, but we never heard a thing, of course it was a little over 86 in our apartment (the lady downstairs likes the heat) so our Air Conditioner was on……yes in November in fact it is on now……………..



One thought on “Weekending

  1. So glad to hear Tom has work, and although your health is poor, (I’m going to try and save up for a shower chair myself!), it seems by God’s grace,you all have staved off the “wolf at the door!” That is so good to know! A real cause for true thanksgiving. I hope you have a good one, dear Grace!

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