Knitting: Dancing Reindeer Shawl in Kauni and Palette and crocheting charity items

Reading: The Inn at Rose Harbor–Debbie Macomber

Lighting: Two lamps in the living room, its a grey rainy day with leaves swirling–loving it

Cooking: boiling water for a mug of tea 

Cutting: the last of the basil for this year (PS–tom doesn’t know this but I don’t like basil) 

Visiting: the doctor for the second time in a week

Disliking: that once again work is at a stand still and Tom will be home a few days.

Enjoying: The beautiful colors of autumn. Everything is changing so much earlier and leaves are falling faster then they have in a long time

Watching: Y & R  and B&B, and some pretty disastrous football yesterday 

Waiting: for several packages to arrive in the mail 

Planning: An autumn sunday supper for some relatives, if they come the last sunday of the month.  And what to start knitting next!!! 

Loving: My dear sweet husband, our wonderful children and the best grandchildren in the world. 






2 thoughts on “DOING TO DO DONE

  1. I love my basil! I grow it in window boxes year round and put it in everything. I never want to run out of basil!! I have been clicking through the Y & R recordings because something seems off to me. Maybe it is Phyllis being gone.

  2. I just potted up some basil this afternoon. I love it on a tomato sandwich.

    How do you like the Debbie Macomber book? I just purchased it to take on vacation. So, I can’t start it until Saturday, but I’m very much looking forward to it.

    P.S. Love the new blog. 🙂

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