Ten Chores I hate

vacuuming—so I leave it for Tom

Garbage–no trouble bagging it up or deciding to pitch something, just don’t want to drag it to the dumpster

window washing—-I would love it if I had good windows, these are 40+ years old and stuff is between the panes, just isn’t worth it

ironing—this should be number one—hate this with a  passion, glad I can go to the dry cleaner again

oven cleaning—again antique apartment no modern self cleaning gizmo here

Changing the bed, its huge with an 18″ thick mattress, I am truly winded when it is done

Bathrooms—another job for Tommo!

Getting the mail—its up hill both ways, well maybe only one way but that and the steps, it hurts, what happened to mail at your door

Changing light bulbs–almost always involves climbing and I can’t climb anymore

dusting–so I make sure everything is covered with skeins of yarn!





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