Birthday present from Tom

I worried that Tommo would forget my birthday—of course more then anything I want him to pick out a gift without asking me, wrap it up, include a card and give it to me—-I found out last night he purchased me a recliner, well he put a deposit on one and if I liked it he would go through with it.  I do like it very much, but a Whitman Sampler would have been fine!!! 43 years and he still doesn’t always get me but he does love me 


OKay now for knitting and crocheting in the last few weeks. 



All of the above is for charity—hopefully it will keep heads warm and the shoulders of someone hugged!!!



3 thoughts on “Birthday present from Tom

  1. Grace, I can only afford to wish you the happiest of birthdays and send prayers that you and Tom prosper more and more each day! Enjoy that recliner and the gifts you will get, I’m sure! You deserve the richest of blessings!

  2. Boys are clueless … and aggravating… it took me 5 or 6 years of hinting to get the crueset (can’t spell) pot I wanted!!! But then he doesn’t think cooking gadgets are good gifts… hmmmf… maybe not for his mom – she hated cooking – but I love them!!

  3. I know it’s after midnight for you and I’m late to the party, but I was away from the computer today. Happy belated birthday (((Grace))), hope it was a good one!

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