cousin Love

a couple of months ago I saw Fiesta Yarns was having a sidewalk sale, so I casually mentioned to my cousin Lori Mulholland Barr that they were having a sale, and she said they weren’t far from her and she would go look for me. She sent me a lovely box of yarn, some of them single skeins of fiesta Swoon. I made these three shawls, my own patterns using other yarns for the body and the pretty variegatedImage yarns for the edgings. From left to right they are called Kathy (brown and tan) Sharon (gold and multi pastels) and Reggie (pink and brown multi) These are Lori’s sisters names, all of whom we lost for Cystic Fibrosis. PS Lori the hat is in the mail! Thank you for your wonderful gift, Boscoe the stuffy is also made from Fiesta Socorro and the new leaf shawl is made from the Fiesta baby boon you sent, that shawl when blocked will be named Lori!



Knit On!


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