Mizzle Maybe?

A couple of months back Kathyb was knitting a mizzle half circle shawl.  Master Blocker is still on his rant of not liking to block anything but triangle shawls so I was confident that I could restructure it and proceeded with size 6 circs and Elann Baby Cashmere held double stranded.  I loved it, but it lanquished in the to be blocked pile. 

Suddenly Sunday Tommo decided to block a shawl and that was the one he chose, well while pinning it out we became very aware that the bind off was way to tight, unblocked it was not apparant, but here we have a hunk of wet wool and he can’t get it to block.  I told him to leave it I would fix it when it dried.  He shook his head in total disbelief and said I should just chuck it and start again. 

Yesterday, after all my chores were done and I knew I could relax, I picked it up off the floor where it had been blocking. I found the final woven in thread and gently began the process of frogging the bind off edge, using a size 4 needle to scoop up the teeny tiny stitches as they came apart.  Some slipped a little but i grabbed them anyway and got them all on the needle

Then I knit a row fixing each stitch as I came to it, reversing the angle or running it up a few rows, but I got it done, then I knitted two more rows.  When that was done, I started a knitted on triangle (sawtooth) edging that I like to use from Cheryl Oberle’s book Folk Shawls.  I am about half way through and should finish it this afternoon, when evening came I put it down and picked up a worsted weight project, easier on my tiring eyes. 

It is nice knitting on a partially blocked shawl, it feels so drapey and the stitches are so well defined. 

The picture is a before shot, hopefully very soon there will be a finished shot!!!








3 thoughts on “Mizzle Maybe?

  1. Your knitting skills just amaze me! Picking up frogged stitches is just a nerve-racking process to me; I just know I’d have about given up when I found out the bind-off was too tight. Of course, there’s no way I could see Ed figuring how to block—I don’t think he’d do it! anyway The whole thing is moot since my brain is too mushy to figure out those beautiful shawls you knit. Wish I had your talent, Grace, and it’s great to see you posting more. 🙂

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