Still Nothing

to share with you—I have lost my knitting mojo—its gone—I think it is because Master Blocker has let me down  


I am crocheting for charity though, which is always a good thing, it benefits others and keeps me busy and uses up stash!!! 


KNIT ON!!! Image


6 thoughts on “Still Nothing

  1. I understand because I loose my mojo every now and then! I usually browse the pattern sites and soon I find something I want to knit. Your yarn colors are gorgeous!!

  2. The yarn colors are gorgeous! I hope your mojo returns soon, the yarn I ordered for a shawl should be here Friday. I ordered both Metalico and cannot remember, so we could decide once they got here.

  3. I guess you saw I can’t remember how to answer your blog. I can’t remember how I logged in, cause I can’t remember what my name is (ALMOST literally) anymore! That’s why I had to put it on your FB page, but I figured if you put some of your lap robe pictures on your etsy shop of Debb’s–hey–what could it hurt?? Love you, Grace! Trudy

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