Meme taken from Kathy B


I am thinking: I  will get  a lot of knitting done today–since the morning chores are done almost 2 hours earlier then normal 
Outside my window – they are mowing the grass after a month of nothing…..
In the kitchen- it is very hot, the heat gets trapped in there 
I am Wearing-  PJama shorts and a tank top–definitely staying in clothes
I am creating – lots of melodrama in my head
I am going- no where–chores are done, I am in before it reaches 100
I am wondering-how Thomas is handling the heat. 
I am reading-a series of Crochet Mysteries by Betty Eichmann
I am hoping-that the swap package I sent to Singapore in May finally gets there 
I am looking forward to-the storm front over the weekend, even though my arthritis will hate it hopefully it will end the humidness 
I am hearing- the air conditioner 
Around the house-I see it seriously needs dusting and then there is that darn pesky pile of shawls that need blocking
Quote for the day:  There but for the grace of God go I—John Bradford

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