I am so sorry it has been so long between posts—I just cannot get Thomas to block any of my work so I can share it with you  I have 8 shawls finished in the last 3 weeks and he just is digging in his heels—of course he is working again so maybe that is why  🙂    


I did crochet another shawl I can share with you that is made out of Schaefer Elaine in 4 colors. Schaefer has ceased making their pretty yarns–deeply color saturated in all kinds of weights and styles.  Elaine is not my favorite but it was a gift and we all love gifts.  The 4 skeins yielded 2 shawls, a knitted feather and fan and a crocheted 1/2 granny.



The picture is dark but so were the colors, it is very large and very elegant. One of the nicest grannies I have ever made. 


I am not sure if I shared some of these photos with you either but here goes 



The last little monster I shared with my niece Amelia!  When I told her the C on her belly was for her name Coco, she rolled her eyes and said “whatever. that’s okay”  which prompted me to tell her she could name it whatever she wants.  Amelia will be 10 in December, and her Uncle Tom thinks she is too big for all of the stuffies I make her, but she assured me she is not. 


Hopefully I will have some blocked items soon!!!! Stay cool and KNIT ON!!



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