Friday Finished Objects

yet another day of feeling under the weather but thought I would share the pink death finished just not blocked!!!Image

Blocked out she should be beautiful


I also stuffed Coco so he is not flat any more, Image


and today I am knitting elephants—–not feeling well I can’t seem to concentrate on any kind of pattern and I am rethinking the Sunny side anyway—I have seen a lot done or progressing on Ravelry and i am not happy with the business of them especially in the striping  yarns they are supposedly designed for, so it may be the frog pond and find another use for the Kauni. I am only on the 4th block of 6 which is the the entire first clue  with 3 big clues to go, so I am happy to come to this decision now rather then later.  Of course in my designer mind I am playing with ways to make it into something I might like too  but …………………………………….



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