BLack Death

Yes that is the name of the shawl I am making right now and yes I think it is cursed.  I am using a beautiful Ella rae Merino superwash in a bright pink and size 9 needles but every pattern row I have made an error on   every one—and it is easy peasy, a simple staggered eyelet.  What is wrong with me?

I transitionedImage yesterday from the body to the edging and goofed up the first row of edging—267 stitches and I noticed my mistake at stitch 265,  I fixed it all on the next row with ripping of individual stitches and making it an additional all garter row instead of a pattern row.  To me SKP means slip knit pass slip over —in this pattern it meant slip knit two together and pass the slip over.  I use the symbol Sk2tp for that one.  I have to learn to read the stitch glossary instead of assuming.

I want to start my sunny side up shawl but refuse to until I finish the Black (albeit in this case Pink) Death.




3 thoughts on “BLack Death

  1. I love the color of “Black Death.” What a name for a beautiful shawl! I got a chuckle out of your super-sized bottle of Aspirin because I have one just like it right beside me.

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