summer garden throw

summer garden throw

this crocheted afghan was started in April of 2012, well I recently found myself in need of a gift for the person who originally brought the pattern to my attention, so I decided it was time to finish it. The entire pattern (a freebie from Attic24 aka Lucy) was made from scraps with the exception of the border which required almost 2 full skeins of Red Heart Super Saver. There are 96 squares and 5 rows of edging before the shell stitch border.
The thing I hate about crocheted afghans like this, there is no good way to join anything without knots and yarn bits showing. I know it is the nature of the beast but I wish you could weave in more effectively with all of the countless color changes and joining involved. If there is I haven’t found it yet.
It will be gifted tomorrow—so we shall soon see if it is everything it is supposed to be.

Knit (or Crochet) On!


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